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My goal is providing news on (bio)chemistry, biotechnology and environmental and food sciences. My curiosity about how life works is sparked by reading about the results of research in these fields. I like the challenge of ordering information from different sources to craft clear and accessible stories.
I am also interested in social processes. Science is never politically neutral. Results - together with a PR-story can profoundly influence careers and the market value of companies. I therefore situate scientific results within a political context in my writing.
My stories, essays, start documents and reports are guided by the quality of the evidence and the arguments put forward, rather than commercial stakes or opinions.

I am specialised in writing news articles, features and trend articles for newspapers and journals.  In addition, I have many years experience as an editor and trainer in courses Sciencejournalism and Science communication at the Aplied University of Utrecht. In 2010, I have set up DePerskamer, together with sciencejournalist Astrid Smit. We provide courses in science communication on universities; twice a year, I provide the course Science communication and - journalism at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, for the center Into Languages. in 2011, I have set up ImpactReporters for communication in the field of water, food and energy, together with journalists Hans van de Veen and Han van der Wiel. 


You can find my blog here.

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